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The holidays are here,

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_MG_8775The eternal Hebron!

_MG_5858Bethlehem and its labyrinths.

_MG_2868Beit Jala and its forced detours.

_MG_5192And throughout the West Bank… settlements as far as you can see …



Maale Adumim, the largest, with its imposing tower.


The holidays are almost here, don’t hesitate!

Why resist?!?

_MG_0827Blue sky as far as you can see!

_MG_2239Weekly events will liven up your stay upon your arrival in Jerusalem (obligatory route when going to the West Bank).

_MG_4358Our selection of plans just for you


_MG_3216Hebron the eternal is a desolate city, to walk its streets is a bewildering delight, a welcoming city in any season.

_MG_0144The West Bank is waiting for you

_MG_5108With the spring that promises already to be warm … its landscapes cut by the wall, as far as you can see

_MG_3076As the fruits ripen, the walls grow.

Come and visit its unforgettable refugee camps

_MG_6004Its refugee camps, maintained far and wide …

Here, it is south of Hebron,

_MG_5987 1They are relocated tirelessly, but you will always find them again in this landscape of deserts.

_MG_5975Welcomed shade…

_MG_3871With so many watchtowers, all you have to do is climb up and you will have the best views of the landscapes of the West Bank!

Return safely


Never, ever will you feel alone!

Distant travels and dream destinations

_MG_5356dream …

_MG_0863dream …

_MG_4554dream …

Original, economic and sunny holidays, the way we love them!

_MG_5390Unforgettable sunsets…

_MG_3159Tasty fruits…

_MG_5051 1The souk in Hebron where you will find Palestinian handicraft at friendly prices…

_MG_5211Taxis in the West Bank are cheap, they can take you anywhere according to your desires, you will recognize them by their yellow color and their green plates. They will take you everywhere, except in the settlements of


Sunny holidays at crazy prices!

_MG_0834The West Bank is sunny in all seasons, something you can also enjoy along the walls!

Reverberation is increased and the heat is contained, just like people!


Experience the Israeli dream!

_MG_5242Wherever you travel in the West Bank you will be accompanied and surrounded by a whole security apparatus, always visible… you’ll have all the time you need to look for danger…

Our customers recommand…

_MG_5784Destination Checkpoints… You will not forget those long queues at checkpoints! And peddlers will be there to entertain you…

The best holiday plans of the week are here!



The sun is back!


Do not resist the call of the holidays!

_MG_0223Move from one area to another in the West Bank completely safely.

_MG_5017And discover smiling faces around certain checkpoints, such as Ephraim


An unforgettable stay


The Palestinians cannot forget May 15, 1948

And neither will you forget your stay!



There is so much to experiences in the West Bank…


Upon entering the West Bank, you will discover a first checkpoint… impressive; going North you will cross Qalandiya … and many other checkpoints will await you, checkpoints open round the clock, flying checkpoints, checkpoints without walls, checkpoints will offer endless surprises!


Go further than planned

_MG_3345Hebron, a city full of charm, a must-see old city, surrounded by its numerous checkpoints, walls and other set up control areas making for enjoyable


Discover the olive trees of the West Bank