12 to 15 April – France
15 April – Lyon, place Bellecour_MG_0968_MG_0974
et sa cour d’appel…
14 April – Welcome in Sauve in place Florian!
13 April – A particular souvenir of last night in Toulouse…
Lots of people passed and saw and exchanged with me. Two police cars, 5 policemen and women passed without stopping during the evening…and suddenly just before midnignt when I went back to buy something to eat. After 20min, the national police where there and called the mine clearance experts…I arrived just on time!_MG_0729_MG_0732_MG_0741_MG_0742_MG_0738_MG_0746


On the road_MG_0809

Adios Espana, Bienvenue en France!_MG_0621_MG_0683_MG_0645_MG_0634_MG_0618_MG_0613_MG_0606